Low-cost housing project in Bacolod city

Mayor acts on housing woes. Bacolod Mayor has ordered the creation of a multi-sectorial task force to identify possible sites for low-cost housing in Bacolod City partnership with the Gawad Kalinga program of the Couples for Christ. The body will also formulate polices and guidelines for the establishment of GK communities in depressed areas and relocation sites in the city and secure financial, technical and human support for the effective implementation of the mass housing projects.

Socialized housing in Bacolod

Socialized Housing refers to a house and lot package with a low cost housing project in Bacolod City value, usually situated in row housing projects in the suburbs of Bacolod and generally targets the rank and file office workers of government and corporate offices. This type of housing has limitations for horizontal development; expansion may mean vertical development or an additional floor or storey. For urban planners, the socialized housing category is just an initial housing phase until such time that the family is in a better position to move on to another housing level category.


Low Cost Housing Package

Low-cost housing project in Bacolod city refers to a house and lot package with a value of P225,000 to P500,000, usually a single detached or duplex type of house. This category includes units in Medium-Rise Buildings that are for sale. Prices of low-cost houses may vary due to several factors such as location and accessibility, amenities available, materials used, presentation and design of the house, among others.

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