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The Housing and Urban Development Council, from time to time, determine the income ceilings and the loanable amounts for both level (a) and (b) borrowers and the Philippine socialized/low-cost housing limit eligible for development financing. The Pabahay Fund shall bear the Philippines low cost housing of its administration and development in such amount and/or limits as the administering agencies shall deem appropriate, but not exceeding three percent (3%) of the net assets of the previous year. Expenses for organization and initial operation shall be provided by the administering agencies as advances, subject to reimbursement.


Philippines Low-Cost Housing for the Urban Poor

Freedom to Build. Inc. (F to B) is a non-stock and non-profit corporation, which was established in 1976 to make some contribution to the Philippines low-cost housing needs of the poor. It was founded by a former Jesuit priest who arrived in Philippines in 1956. F to B has been implementing low-cost housing projects in several places in and around Metro Manila, for instance in Bacolod. The projects aim to provide homeownership to the urban poor and, through homeownership, to provide a higher degree of security and an overall improvement in the “quality of life” of the families involved.


The Dynamics of low-cost Housing Demand in the Philippines: Income and Lifecycle Effects

This paper examines the housing consumption pattern of households in the Philippines given their socioeconomic characteristics and the existing conditions in the land and housing market. Two basic issues are examined: one, how is Philippines low-cost housing adjustment and expenditure associated with income and demographic changes; and two, do housing consumption in the country suggest the presence of significant housing market imperfections or capital market imperfections. The results point to the lack of housing alternatives specifically for the low-income households in the formal low-cost housing Philippine market.


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